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Minimum Wage

“Hardworking Virginians shouldn’t have to toil at two or even three jobs to support their families. It’s time we had a minimum wage that lifts Virginians out of poverty, while helping grow the economy.”

Gene believes ​that many ​Virginians deserve a​ much needed​ pay raise.​ ​That’s why he supports raising ​the state's ​minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2023. As someone who worked in a small family lumber business for many years, ​Gene knows that ​an increase in the minimum wage​ will help lift Virginia families out of poverty; and that research shows that raising the minimum wage ​benefits​ the​ economy by putting more money in consumers’ pockets.​ While limiting its impact on Virginia’s smallest employers, a minimum wage increase can be structured in a sensible way that creates a more stable workforce and does not cost jobs.​ Gene believes that a decent living wage gives dignity and honor to many hardworking Virginians who are often ignored and forgotten.