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Health Care

“​Fighting to protect millions of Virginians​ benefitting from the Affordable Care Act is ​very ​personal ​to me.​ My wife Diane and I have two sons and a daughter. My daughter and I have something in common: we are both cancer survivors. Quite simply, were it not for my federal health insurance plan, we would not be alive. President Trump's and Speaker Ryan’s true health care objective is crystal clear: Repeal and Destroy. We must do whatever it takes to stop them.”

Gene knows ​President Obama’s ​ACA was a ​signature achievement.​ ​Not only does ​the ACA​ prevent insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions, help women get preventive care, allow adult children to remain on their parents' health insurance until 26, it also helps reduce free-riders in the health care system that drive up costs for all of us.​ Think about it: Gene's daughter turned 26 last March. If Trump/Ryan get their way, their replacement plan could jeopardize her ability to obtain adequate insurance. Health care is highly personal for Gene—and he knows it’s also personal for thousands of Virginians facing their own health crises.​

That’s why Gene will join with Gov. McAuliffe and ​Sens. Warner and Kaine to resist any attempts by ​President ​Trump to undermine the ACA.​ He ​will work with Attorney General Herring on each and every ​legal ​action against the Trump Administration, and use his experience working in legislatures to make Republicans feel the pain they’re inflicting on Virginians with their partisan agenda. He will support progressive candidates who run on supporting the ACA, including finally expanding Medicaid to help ​those forgotten ​400,000 Virginians get coverage.