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  • Opioids

    “Last year, opioids killed more Americans than guns. In Virginia alone, 1,000 perished from this epidemic. The opioid crisis is not isolated to our rural communities; the entire Commonwealth is in the midst of a health emergency. As a federal prosecutor, I ​le​d​ ​a historic fight against the opioid plague—and ground zero was ​Northern ​Virginia. Virginia must lead the way in fighting this epidemic, but our fight must include smart prevention, tough enforcement, and compassion for those in recovery.” ​

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  • Health Care

    “​Fighting to protect millions of Virginians​ benefitting from the Affordable Care Act is ​very ​personal ​to me.​ My wife Diane and I have two sons and a daughter. My daughter and I have something in common: we are both cancer survivors. Quite simply, were it not for my federal health insurance plan, we would not be alive. President Trump's and Speaker Ryan’s true health care objective is crystal clear: Repeal and Destroy. We must do whatever it takes to stop them.” ​

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  • Minimum Wage

    “Hardworking Virginians shouldn’t have to toil at two or even three jobs to support their families. It’s time we had a minimum wage that lifts Virginians out of poverty, while helping grow the economy.” 

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  • Education

    “Education is ​key to success – it’s that simple.​ Our strong public education system is what makes Virginia an economic powerhouse.​ ​We need to protect and build on this success—not let the Trump Administration privatize our schools.” ​

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