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Democratic Candidates Talk Priorities at Ice Cream Social

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Voters in Charlottesville and Albemarle County had a chance to meet Democratic candidates for lieutenant governor and several house seats. They met to talk policy priorities during an ice cream social in Pen Park Monday.

The ice cream social, hosted by Indivisible Charlottesville, gave voters an opportunity to engage on the issues and engage with the candidates.

“We think it’s incredibly important in Virginia, which has the first major election after this past November,” said David Singerman of Indivisible Charlottesville.

The three Democratic candidates running for lieutenant governor are Justin Fairfax, Susan Platt, and Gene Rossi. All three oppose proposed pipelines in the state.

“I think it’s a raw deal for Virginia because they are going to get energy from another state, transport it to another state, and in the middle is Virginia and all we get is environmental risk, environmental damage,” Rossi explained.

All three also believe in creating new economic opportunities.

“It makes sense. We have to save our planet and save the future and we have to create job. And solar energy - why can’t we build a plant in southwest Virginia that's supplied by solar energy? It will give more people more jobs and will be longer lasting and cheaper in the long run,” said Platt.

“There are 175,000 middle skill jobs open in Virginia that are going unfilled because people don’t get the training and the certification and we really want to make that possible for more people,” Fairfax explained.

57th District candidate for the House of Delegates Ross Mittiga, who is running against incumbent David Toscano, says he's also focused on the pipeline.

"I understand the moral urgency of climate change. We need to take action to stop these pipelines and also put Virginia on a path to 100 percent clean and renewable energy,” Mittiga said.

Delegate Toscano was not able to attend because he was traveling.

You will have a chance to vote for one of these candidates in the upcoming ballot on June 13.

Voters also met Democrat Kellen Squire, who is set to run against Rob Bell for his house seat come November.